Thursday, December 03, 2009

You gotta be kiddin' me

Although I have no documentation to prove it, I'm almost certain my ancestors settled in this part of Texas specifically to escape snow. And hurricanes.

A mixed week so far. Monday was just a typical day. Tuesday I got drizzled on all morning and was fairly miserable, and then I saw that big cloud coming out of the northwest and ran the end of my route in hopes that I wouldn't get really rained on. I finished literally seconds before the deluge began.

Yesterday, due to what I believe was an error in judgement, me and one other guy were assigned two days worth of work. We finished about 4:15. I actually read meters non-stop for over 8 hours.

Today was a total breeze, but I think I deserved a break after yesterday. And tomorrow...

I'm not worried about being out in the mid-30-degree temps all day tomorrow. I know how to dress for that, and I know it won't be a problem. But snow...$#@!


  1. Supposed to be like that here, 'cept for the numbers being a little different. If I didn't have to drive in it Friday, any snow wouldn't bother me.

  2. I will believe it when I see it. Our weather forecasters love to think and talk about snow, but it's really hard to get any significant amount to fall -- and stick -- in San Antonio. The last time I remember a good amount of snow was 1988, and before that it was 1985.

    And before that, I think it was 1971, or something like that.