Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Flaming Dragon

We worked on my son's pinewood derby racer today.

ADDENDUM: Since I was not in Scouts as a kid,* I didn't know anything about pinewood derby racing. I gave myself a crash course by studying everything available at Hobby Lobby and reading all the instructions and descriptions on the boxes and labels. It would have been cheaper to buy a everything-in-one-box kit, but I thought the car bodies were too "finished" looking. It was a little more work for him to have to construct it from several different packages. The whole shebang cost me about $21, and I could have spent a lot more than that if I really wanted to get fancy. Astounding.

*Someone tried to organize it one summer, and for a few months I was in Webelos. But whoever the organizer was, he/she didn't know what they were doing, and it kind of fell apart. But I still have my old Handbook.


  1. Absolutely cool. Five ounces, even?

  2. I used the small digital scale that I bought to weigh small amounts of pipe tobacco for concocting my own blends. It comes out to 4.83 oz.