Monday, January 18, 2010

More inconsequential stuff

The kids went to an all-day birthday party today, or actual double-birthday party and I was alone for several hours, which these days feels quite strange and it seems I don't always know what to do with myself. I watched a few movies that I had recorded and wanted to catch up on and took a really long, heavy nap that must be the last of the weekend's "sickishness" wearing off.

Started trying to listen more critically to some of the recent downloads. I meant to post a video as is more or less usual last Friday but I think my weariness from working that day made me forget. So here it is. This is from a sampler of Australian rock that I recently downloaded, and was apparently produced by the Queensland government, which to me seems kind of odd, but there you go. Drawn From Bees call themselves progressive rock, though they don't really sound like the kind of prog-rock I'm more used to hearing (Rush, Yes, Marillion, etc.). Nice vocal harmonies, though, even though I have no idea what the song is about--if anything. The lead singer's hair style looks about 25 years out-of-date, but what the hey. I like the music.

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