Monday, January 25, 2010

Scorpions to retire

From their website:
While we were working on our album these past few months, we could literally feel how powerful and creative our work was – and how much fun we were still having, in the process. But there was also something else: We want to end the Scorpion’s extraordinary career on a high note. We are extremely grateful for the fact that we still have the same passion for music we’ve always had since the beginning. This is why, especially now, we agree we have reached the end of the road. We finish our career with an album we consider to be one of the best we have ever recorded and with a tour that will start in our home country Germany and take us to five different continents over the next few years.

We want you, our fans, to be the first to know about this. Thank you for your never-ending support throughout the years!
Although I didn''t follow them closely through the years, they are one of the first of the harder-rock groups that I began listening to way back when, and their Love at First Sting album was one of the first CDs I ever bought (I already had the LP at the time). Their "Still Loving You" is one of the greatest power ballads ever written, imho.

Thanks for the music, guys.

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  1. Man, that's staying power. Those guys, like Iron Maiden, have been putting their music out with amazing energy for longer than many of their fans have been alive. I admire their tenacity.

    Oh, and their music is pretty good, too. I know it's not their best album, but I am pretty fond of Animal Magnetism.