Thursday, January 07, 2010

Well, I guess I oughta post something...

I got lucky today and had a route that was all I wasn't exposed to the weather as much as if I'd had a regular foot route. It was still cold. Looks like tomorrow the wind isn't supposed to be quite so bad; maybe that will help.

I've started downloading a lot of free stuff from Amazon again, getting some interesting and cool stuff with lots of "world" music included.

Those of you who are familiar with my wonts and movie-watching tendencies may be surprised to learn that I have never seen Nosferatu--not for lack of trying. Long, long ago I tried to order the VHS from somewhere (before the internet) only to be told it was permanently out of stock(?!). I have tried to record it from various movie channels a few times--and every time something went wrong and I didn't get it. If everything goes as planned, that will be remedied tomorrow when the DVD arrives from Netflix. Following that will come two other versions with different styles of modern musical soundtracks.

Unless something else happens...

UPDATE: The weather was quite bracing. I felt painfully cold until about 8:00 AM, by 8:30 I felt quite comfortable. Note: For you northerners who want to tell me that I haven't felt real cold, actually I believe I have. The coldest cold I ever experienced was when I was truck driving in North Dakota and the temp was about -20 with the chill factor considerably below that. That night I slept while my trainer drove, and when I stepped out of the truck the next morning (about 10 hours drive southeast of our previous stop) it was 20 above zero. I had the curious sensation of feeling "warm" in 20-degree weather. "If this keeps up," I told him, "I'm gonna have to strip down to my t-shirt."

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  1. Noseferatu is a good movie, and I think you will like it. Some of the things in it seem a little cliched these days, but that's probably because this movie set the cliches. Overall though, great production value for the times. Also, I like that the actor's name that played the vampire is Max Schreck. Great German name.