Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Today I got rained on, sleeted on, and snowed on--sometimes all at the same time. Here's what was in the back of my truck at about 12:30 PM today in the 410/Marbach area.


  1. Once again, everybody but me gets to see the snow! I hopped up and went outside when they said on the radio that it was snowing on my side of town, but nada. (Heck, my mother managed to look outside and see snow, but by the time I walked over...)

  2. Sabra,
    If you can tear yourself away from your precious Texas & come on up to my neck of the woods, I can show you snow on the mountains. Feets and feets worth of the stuff. And in less then a half hour, I can drive you right up there to play, roll, throw snowballs, whatever, to your heart's delight.

    Oh, and you can bring your boyfriend from North Texas if you want. He might enjoy it too.

    B Woodman

  3. You must not get much snow there; around here the frost is deeper than that. ;)

  4. We don't, but we still get too much as far as I'm concerned.