Tuesday, March 16, 2010

P.S. I still hate daylight saving time

Well, I think I'm back. That was a scary couple of days. Once I got the machine up & running again, I tried a full restore from my backups but it didn't sit well with the computer. So I started over once more and this time I'll be doing some "manual" restoration (that is, re-installing from scratch) plus selective restoration from my official backups. And a lot of updating.

I don't really know why the crash occurred. I guess it's just one of those things. Anyhow, I had my Official Worst Route Ever today, which is a cycle 11 in the area of Harry Wurzbach and Rittiman. This is my regular route and like I said, it's very bad. It's been worse for the past six months or so because every time I've gotten it, it has rained. The City has been in some of the alleys (it's all alleys) spreading fill dirt because they turn into mini-creeks when it rains. So I was slogging through a lot of mud today. Fortunately, a few weeks ago I went and bought some knee-high rubber boots because I knew the next time I got this route, it would rain. By the way, I predict it will rain again on April 17. That's my best guess, because I'm not sure exactly what day I'll get this route again next month, but I'll update you as the time comes closer so you'll know with utter and complete certainty that it will rain that day. Anyway, the boots did a good job and were more comfortable than I thought they'd be. Of course, I was still covered with mud by the time I finished.

But when I got home I found that my wife had been cooking and baking and we had a big feast for my son's birthday (which is tomorrow) with grandparents as guests. I gave him a Wolf Scout cap & belt that I picked up last week for him, and I intend to bring home a small CD player tomorrow. I think I might also burn him a Deep Purple CD so he can practice "Smoke on the Water."

The management did something smart for a change, and changed our clock-in time to 7:00 AM instead of 6:30. This is a good thing to do, because DST really screws with outside workers and this way we won't have to be reading meters with a flashlight for the first hour (only half an hour or so now). Once sunrise gets back to a more reasonable time next month we'll go back to 6:30.

So now I'm having a pipe and trying to decompress from the stress of having a large computer-shaped paperweight on my desk. Sheesh.


  1. Oh, that reminds me. I need to go price Webelos knick-knacks. Belt buckle, hat, neckerchief, slide -- it starts to add up, you know. Better get a little at a time.

    Happy birthday to your son. I hope he likes the scouts. My son sure does.

  2. The belt was about $7 and the cap was about $15. Did you know there's a southside store too? We just found out about it a few weeks ago.

  3. Best wishes to your son; hope you and your family have a good celebration.

  4. I did not know about the Southside store. I thought the only one was over there by McGimsey Park.

  5. Ah, so it isn't only because we are out here in the hinterlands that we haven't heard of it. They said it opened in February 2009, I think. It's at 8503 S. Zarzamora.