Friday, April 09, 2010

The people who run Transguide are morons

So I'm heading south on 281 today, getting on in the Bitters area, and I see two different Transguide signs warning that there will be construction on IH35 northbound at Eisenhauer starting at midnight Saturday. I'm wondering to myself why construction way over there should be so important to people traveling south on 281 on a Friday afternoon, and just as I reach my exit, I see that construction ahead has brought traffic to a standstill.

So, to recap and belabor the point, why is Transguide warning about something on a completely different highway going in the other direction some 30 hours in the future instead of warning travelers about a serious traffic delay only minutes away dead ahead of them?

I think a much more realistic use of Transguide would be to move all the signs to entrance ramps and have them alternately flash "ABANDON ALL HOPE YE WHO ENTER HERE" and "SUCKERS!"


  1. I think it'd be funnier if the signs flashed the alert "ZOMBIES AHEAD!!!" Certainly the drivers in Houston seem to be brain-dead already, half the time, with all the construction going on all the time there.

  2. Last year someone hacked some temporary traffic signs to do just that.