Monday, April 05, 2010


Still working on that Holst LP. It's quite aggravating, because I'm sure I played this thing only 2 or 3 times and I don't know why there's so much noise on it. The extended very-low-volume passages are the worst, because the tiniest little pop stands out terribly. I did learn a new trick, however. After zooming in on a pop or click, I maximize only that split second ("maximize" is Goldwave's term for "normalize," that is, boosting the volume up to 100% for that passage). Then I smooth out the click, which is basically sort of like redrawing the sound wave, then I use maximize again to "de-maximize" it back to its original decibel level. More painstaking, to be sure, but it works. Unfortunately, even doing this there are some soft pops that I can't dig out, but right now I'm listening to it at an increased volume level so I can pick out the noise; I think that when I listen to it more casually and I'm not actually trying to find the noise, I probably won't notice the ones I couldn't dig out. There were several places where I just had to say "that's close enough" and forget about it.

I might have to buy a CD of this someday.

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