Wednesday, May 05, 2010

The alphabet of eldritch doom

I actually tried to do this once. This is as far as I got.

Azathoth, the Daemon Sultan,
An atomic chaos, seething and molten;
It dwells beyond all time and space,
Where amorphous flautists around it pace.

Up Hatheg-Kla wise Barzai climbed,
To see the realms of gods sublime;
But Barzai vanished, because he found
That what goes up might not come down.

Cthulhu, in his submarine night,
Awaits the day with malicious delight,
When he will rise from his aqueous tomb
And bring the Earth a diluvial doom.

Deep Ones, born of the Innsmouth clan--
Not quite fish, but not quite man;
Uncouth, unkempt, and thoroughly crude,
In the ocean depths they spawn and brood.

When twilight over Inquanok falls,
The great bell rings and the viols call.
The tales are silenced, and the singers go dumb;
The rites must be kept, lest a strange doom come.

What curious secrets must hidden be
With no mouth to speak, nor eyes to see.
Only silently clutch, and tickle, and taunt,
And fly from Ngranek, the dreaded Nightgaunt.

In Ulthar, a strange thing happened one day:
None of the cats wanted to play.
They only slept in the houses, and dozed in the parks,
And the house 'neath the oaks remained quiet and dark.

Something I just noticed. The directory that this file is kept in his been migrated from computer to computer for so long, many of the files still have only 8-character file names!

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