Sunday, September 19, 2010

Strange on East Pyron

From my regular cycle 17. There's a part of E. Pyron that branches off S. Presa, crosses a train track, goes a couple hundred yards or so, curves and goes another couple hundred yards until it dead-ends up against the San Antonio River. This sign appeared last month after they had done some kind of "construction" work on the river bank.

I have no idea what they're talking about with the "boat ramp." I can't see anything that I would call a boat ramp anywhere near. I do have to actually go out onto the river bank off the end of the road to read one meter--I have no idea what it's supposed to go to and it doesn't get used anymore, it's just there (this is not unusual). This sign is in the first section of that road, before you get to the curve, and at least a good 200 yards from the river.

The first thing I noticed was that I'd never seen a sign prohibiting digging for fish bait before. The second thing I noticed were the cameras. WTF? Note: There is no way these cameras could see anyone using the alleged boat ramp or digging for fish bait on the river bank.

Possibly worthy of a strange designation? Perhaps.


  1. The cameras are probably for graffiti surveillance, apparently SAPD has caught over 200 taggers since they started the program, 35% of them are adults.

  2. There's nothing to graffiti there. Only private homes, most of which are fenced and all of which have dogs.