Thursday, January 13, 2011

He's a millionaire!

I always thought they were singing about Boy George. The song is being told by your average everyday Larry Lunchpail, so how the heck do you think he's going to talk? As usual, political correctness as thought control. Screw you, anyone who approves of this ban.

In other news, boy it's been cold this week. I've been wearing a pair of flannel pajama pants under my blue jeans for warmth. Actually today wasn't bad at all after about 8:30 or so. I think I'll go without the extra layer of pants tomorrow.

I've been revisiting a couple of sites I bookmarked long ago against this day: when (if!) I would be able to actually stream audio. I'm quite happy that I will now be able to listen once again to my favorite ambient music program: Musical Starstreams. I checked out a couple of other channels at Live365 but have done nothing serious yet. I took a good hard nap after work today and then just laid there for a while after I woke up, watching old sitcoms on TV Land, and then we had Cub Scouts tonight so I haven't spent much time on the internet today. I would usually be in bed right now but between that nap and the cool weather today (did not sweat at all--didn't even feel thirsty after 4 hours without drinking any water) I'm not feeling very tired.

Enjoyed having a discussion about Greek mythology on the drive in to the Cub Scout meeting today. My son is still trying to work out which ones are which and what the Roman names are.

I am also enjoying very much being able to quickly read sites like and Oddee. Man on dial-up that was almost a chore.

One of my co-workers today showed me a picture he had taken (with his phone) of what he said was "the weirdest thing I've ever found in a meter box." He found it just yesterday. It was purple, and was of the design that has an auxiliary...uh...stud on it so that it can be inserted into two orifices at once. Yeah. People stick all kinds of weird things in meter boxes.


  1. People stick all kinds of weird things in meter boxes.

    I love your euphemism. It's double good.

  2. For 26 years now idiots have whined about the use of slang in this song, completely missing the point, as usual, and happy to have something to be offended by. They are even more clueless than the Sam Sixpack narrators being skewed by Knopfler. Boy oh boy.