Monday, January 10, 2011

On the other hand...

I did get a micro USB adapter so I could fiddle around with my phone. It's pretty cool. It can sync with Windows Media Player for loading mp3s or playlists, or you can just drag & drop files manually. Also, once you start the mp3 player, you can close the phone and it keeps playing--you can listen to it without headphones. That's kinda cool, but I suppose it puts a drain on the battery. Unfortunately I can't connect to it with Motorola Phone Tools like I did with my old phone, so I'm going to have to rebuild the phone book manually with the phone keypad.

Also I took a couple of experimental pix (of my mouse and a new CD) and they do look quite a lot better than the old phone's pictures. I'll see if I can take some work pix tomorrow and post something.

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