Saturday, February 12, 2011

Clear Springs

We went to Clear Springs tonight for my dad's birthday, and the food was excellent as always. Everybody else had either shrimp or fish, but I am generally not a fan of things that come out of the water (especially crustaceans)*, so I had the grilled garlic chicken, and it was very good. We all had their famous onion rings for an appetizer. We had to wait about 7-8 minutes for a table. It's always like that on weekends, and this was even fairly early, at 5:00 PM. By the time we left there were about 30 people waiting outside for tables to open.

On the way home a jackrabbit flashed into the road and went right under the front left tire. That's the first jackrabbit I've ever seen around here, and I killed it. Oh well. As I told the kids, I'm not gonna wreck the car for a jackrabbit. If there's one, I'm sure there are others.

*I don't have a seafood allergy. I just don't like the flavor. I noted that they also had crawfish salad. "You gonna try some?" my dad asked. "Noooo," I answered, which made him laugh. I know they are eaten by many people, but to me they are just fish bait. The same goes for chicken gizzards and any organ meat.


  1. I totally get the whole seafood thing and totally understand that the catfish I love so much is really, when you think about it all, pretty gross. But, Clear Springs does such a wonderful job at frying up catfish nuggets that I just can't resist!

    Of course, there is no amount of fried breading that would convince me to enjoy some gizzards or liver.

  2. If there's one, I'm sure there are others.

    Of course there are. They breed like, you know ---- something I've heard about.

    As for the gizzards and liver, count me in on the No Thank You choir. My mother likes those things, but that is a taste she never passed on to me.

  3. Yesterday me and the wife ate at Joe's Crab Shack for our early Valentine's/anniversary dinner, with me having a toil-free fish-n-chips, while she needed help with her bucket o' king crab legs. That's a lot more work than I want to put into a meal, especially during the part when I'm supposed to be eating! I can abide shrimp and crawfish (considering where I live, in Cajun Country, I better!), as it's easy enough to peel the shell and be done, the crabs were more work than I'd want, when I like to have a leisurely meal.

    You're close enough to south Texas, I wouldn't worry about a dead jackrabbit or two on the road. When I was deployed to McAllen for a hurricane, there was a big field next to the civic center area where we were stationed, and being bored soldiers, my Sgt. told me to chase a jackrabbit that we saw in that field. When I went after it, you'd think I'd flushed a pack of them, they were as thick as fleas infesting a dog!

  4. Nothing wrong with gizzards, if you cook them correctly. And liver is ok if fresh.
    Personally, I will eat almost anything out of water, fresh or sea, but it isn't for everyone.