Monday, March 21, 2011

Maybe that was the reason...

15 funny passive/aggressive notes at Oddee.

Long ago, in another job, I worked second shift and that meant I (as assistant shift supervisor when the real supervisor wasn't there) was the last one out of the building on Friday nights before they shut it down for the weekend. I had to accompany the security guard through the building for his last walk-through before I locked the door. The dude cracked me up. First of all, my lined vest really bugged him. He couldn't stand cold-weather wear that didn't have sleeves. It just didn't fit into his reality grid. By the way, man, I loved that vest. I still have it but it doesn't fit anymore. I put it away figuring my son would enjoy it some day. It looked cool, too. Sort of like that girl-magnet jacket that Kramer had on Seinfeld except it was a denim vest.

Anyway this security dude went through the building pushing down light switches that were already turned off and other weird stuff. The last thing he did was notice that someone had left a few seconds on the microwave timer in the break room and he hit the clear button to clear the time off. I had to suppress a sound of humorous derision right about there because it was so strange. The next Monday I told my supervisor about it and we were both laughing, as they say, "fit to be tied."

He was only one of a series of strange security guards at that place.

P.S. I don't think this note is passive/aggressive. Is it? It just seems to be a polite request from someone who probably needs therapy. Now, what I used to do with the ice cubes: that was passive/aggressive.


  1. I must confess I don't grasp the concept of vests either. This is because my arms get cold long before my torso. (I don't get fingerless gloves, either. Seems to go against the damned point of gloves.) But I'll admit that I'm weird.

    (And that note was stolen from, which now carries the disclaimer that not everything is passive-aggressive, but it is all amusing.)

  2. Now, what I used to do with the ice cubes: that was passive/aggressive.

    Share. Please.

  3. C'mon, you can't put a teaser like that about the ice cubes without telling the rest of the story!

    I used to be a nightwatchman/ security guard, and met a few weird ones myself. I think a lot of it was going thru the repetitive motions all night, looks a lot like OCD.

  4. The security guard probably thought the main character in the show Monk was sane.