Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Possibly the worst contemporary video and pop song ever

Please don't watch this, unless you want to share my pain.

Here is a pop song for those of you who don't like melodies, or for those of you who are big fans of middle B.

If you pay attention (G-d help you!) you will notice that all of the "high" notes are auto-tune.

PLEASE NOTE: I may not leave this here forever. I just want to inflict it on a few innocent bystanders for kicks and then maybe eventually delete it.


  1. No, I didn't listen to it, under the same thinking that "what is see, cannot be unseen." I've heard in other places that it's awful, and have no interest in inflicting that on myself. Your commentary to go with it is pretty funny, tho.

  2. What is seen is not so bad, just silly and lame. Rather you should be warned that what is heard, cannot be unheard.

    Fri-ee-day-ee Fri-ee-day-ee...


  3. I did listen.

    Absolute suck.

    Fri-ee-day-ee, indeed.