Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Utterly bizarre conversation at work this morning

Regarding the new trucks. The ten of us who had been randomly selected (literally "had our names drawn from a hat") to get the first wave of new trucks were told, under no circumstances were we to open the hoods of our trucks and check the fluid levels, because "that's Fleet's responsibility."

Up until this time, we had been told, regarding our existing (shared) trucks, that we were to check all fluid levels every morning, because if something went wrong and it was because the brake/transmission/oil/coolant level was low, it was our fault for not checking.

I was completely nonplussed. Literally: "not more, no further, i.e., a state in which nothing more can be done." Yes, I was at -459.69F perplexity.

"What? So Fleet's going to come check them for us?"


"So how do we know when they need more fluid?"

"Use your common sense."

"I thought I was using common sense when I checked the fluid levels regularly."

"No. These are new trucks. They won't have any problems with fluid levels."

"Okay..." I think the look on my face indicated that I had somehow just cleared -460F.

"Okay, just give me one example."

"Example?" That was me again.

"Yes, give me a specific example of how the fluid levels could fall dangerously low in a new truck."

"Okay...I personally had experience with a brand new truck--a Ranger, by the way--which had a leaky head gasket. It was not leaking oil where it could be seen pooling beneath the truck. It was blowing it up against the inside of the hood and I would never have known about it if I hadn't opened the hood to take a look."

"These trucks are built better now. That won't happen."

"Okay...forget about it then."

So...I have been officially forbidden from checking the oil, brake fluid, coolant, and so forth. I guess if I want to ensure my own safety I'll have to check them in the field where no one can catch me.

Your H2O company at work, folks!


  1. Of course you got that in writing and put it somewhere you could find it when a connecting rod went through the side- right?

  2. Let's hope Fleet has a regular maintenance schedule. And let's hope they stick to it.

  3. When I got to work today it seemed that the conversation had gone viral, with the witnesses to it telling it over and over and everyone else scratching their heads in utter bewilderment.

    New work catch phrase: "Fleet'll take care of that."