Sunday, April 17, 2011

What are words worth?

Been listening to the Nacional Records Sampler 2011: The New Sounds Of Latin Music Volume 2. It was a free sampler download from Amazon. I had previously downloaded last year's sampler from that label and liked it quite a lot. I just got down to the end of this year's sampler to find Tom Tom Club, which I was almost sure was some 80s group.

Sure enough, they began in the 80s but are apparently still recording. Not sure why they're on a Latin music sampler. Anyhow, I know at least one of you is a big fan of Talking Heads (a related grouup), so here's a link to a free download of a rap piece that I somehow actually like: Wordy Rappinghood.

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  1. Cool. I believe that the rhythm part of the Talking Heads, husband and wife Tina Weymouth (bass) and Chris Franz (drums) formed the Tom Tom Club, and of course in the last few Heads albums they were really into Latin beats, so maybe they went whole hog with it. I never heard too much of their stuff so I will definitely check this out.