Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A brief comment on parmesan cheese

Nice. My wife's place of employment has an employee meeting today. All the employees there, in order to make their meetings slightly less onerous, have taken up the tradition of bringing food and having a sort of mini-potluck on Meeting Day. I kind of wish they'd have more meetings, because every time they do, my wife makes her stuffed half-jalapeƱos.

I don't know what they're really called. But she cuts the peppers in half, scoops out the insides and fills the hull with sour cream, parmesan cheese and pan sausage. They're really delicious.

I say this because I wanted to make a brief comment about parmesan cheese. I had always thought I didn't like it. Until, that is, she began making these things and had to buy some real parmesan to do it. That is, parmesan that comes in a big block and requires grating. That stuff is excellent. I don't know who came up with the idea that something called "parmesan" should be powdered, sold in shaker containers and apparently flavored with skunk scent, but they should be severely punished. Nastiest stuff I've ever tried to flavor food with.

In case you've never had actual parmesan, you should. But then of course you'll never want to eat that powdered cr*p again.


  1. A good chunk of Parmesan can do a lot to flavor things up. It is good stuff. My preference though goes to Pecorino Romano cheese for a grating cheese. The Locatelli brand of Pecorino Romano is so delectable that I often eat slices I carve off of the larger piece. Salty awesomeness.

    All the best,

  2. We like to fill our half jalapeƱos with cream cheese or cheddar cheese (sometimes both), and then we wrap them with bacon.


    (Oh, and I totally agree about the fresh parmesan cheese. There's no comparison.)

  3. I agree; the difference between Parmesan and that powdered crap is like the difference between a fine Cheddar and that nasty stuff in a spray can.