Saturday, May 07, 2011

The day

Today was quite tedious. You see, someone at my place of employment got a bug up their a** and decided everyone in my department had to take a driver's safety course.

Regardless of past driving record. Regardless of anything, actually.

So last Saturday almost all the department got paid a full day of OT to go to the class, which my employer of course paid for. They sprang this decision on us without much notice, and a few of us already had plans for last Saturday, of which I was one (the Lexington overnight trip).

So today I took the course online, and man that was just hideously boring. Of course I get reimbursed for the cost when I bring the receipt & paperwork in.

So...about 30 people get a day of OT and a free driver's safety course, about 5 others just get a free driver's safety course. Just one of the small ways your ***** company spends your money.

Have a nice day!

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  1. Thing-1 had to take a safety course when she started with the S.A. animal shelter/services/whatever.
    I guess they figure that the money they save on Insurance makes up for the money out up front.