Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ethan Allen: I'm off, boys...

Ethan Allen, of course, a prominent figure during the American Revolutionary War, who lived from 1738-89.
Ethan Allen with a group of associates attended a Sunday service led by a stern Calvinist preacher. He took as his text "Many shall strive to enter in, but shall not be able." God's grace was sufficient, observed the preacher, to include one person in ten, but not one in twenty would endeavor to avail himself of the offered salvation. Furthermore, not one man in fifty was really the object of God's solicitude, and not one in eighty--here Allen seized his hat and left the pew, saying, "I'm off, boys. Any one of you can take my chance."

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  1. My uncle counts among his ancestors one of Allen's Green Mountain Boys. I wish we had more men like that now... maybe we do, but everybody is so busy, and their voices are so diluted in the InterTubes.