Monday, May 23, 2011

No fun with playlists

I have not been doing any work on the records-to-mp3 conversions lately. I have, rather, been really working on building the big general favorites list. I am provisionally up to "G," provisionally because when I get to the "various artists" directory there are files that will be going everywhere. Anyway, right now I'm on GTR.

I'm not listening to every single track, either, because I do want to finish the list in my lifetime. Most of them I can just look at the directory and immediately pick out the ones I want. Others, however, require a further listening for decisions to be made.

While in this process, I have also been creating a playlist of "rock instrumentals." Of course, all these tracks will be ones that I personally have in my own collection, not some sort of universal list.

I would also like to create a playlist of rock/pop songs that include a saxophone part. I have already put a few tracks into this list but I'll need to go back over the beginning of the list again to see what's what. I don't remember every track that uses a saxophone.

I have designed my directory structure with the first name first. So, for example, George Harrison is George Harrison and not Harrison, George, which puts him into the "G" list. The only exception I make to this rule is with groups beginning with "the." So, for example, The Doors is listed as Doors, The.

Not that any of this matters to anyone but I couldn't think of anything else to post about today.

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