Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Featuring the ghost of Henry Akeley

Yesteday Albatross mentioned the TV show Forever Knight in comments--a show which I also enjoyed. I was able to watch the full series, two shows at a time, when they were being shown on the Sci-Fi channel back when we first got satellite TV.

Unfortunately, I can't stream it from Netflix, although I can rent all the DVDs from them. I might get a few soon just so I can refresh my memory on their characteristics. Note: Crackle did have it available for streaming, but I just checked and it has been removed. Bummer.

One thing I do remember but which I didn't particularly care for was that the vampires in this show could fly, although they never appeared to shape-shift. This was an integral part of the story, however, allowing Nick Knight to catch criminals with swift and ruthless efficiency, but it's not something I would ever use myself. Vampires having the strength of Superman and the speed of The Flash just makes them much less interesting, for me.

I have not entirely abandoned my own attempt at a vampire (hunter's) tale, I'm just letting it lurk and fester in my mind, and have recently made several attempts at starting a new chapter but I can't get the mood right.

Also, I just couldn't stand that whiny chick who played his sort-of "love" interest. She just got on my nerves. On the other hand, I really liked the character of LaCroix.

Also I just recently thought of something: someone should write a mash-up/parody called The Ghost Whisperer in Darkness. It would end with Melissa Gordon banging her head against a padded wall in Arkham Asylum. Just a thought. Tagline: "It's not a's not a's just insanity."

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