Saturday, June 18, 2011

Marty Robbins - Marty After Midnight (1962, LP)

A few months ago my wife found this at some flea market or yard sale, and promptly brought it home and requested that I rip and burn it to CD for her so she could listen to it in her car.

Well, it took me a while. Mostly it was not in really good condition and had a lot of pops & clicks that I couldn't remove by cleaning. There were a couple of tracks that needed only minimal editing, and one track that was perfect, but mostly it took a lot of work and it took me quite some time to finish. But finally, I did.

This was kind of an odd one, to me. It's a collection of pop standards, some of which are also jazz standards (such as "Misty") sung by Robbins, who most people (including myself) know as more of a country/western artist.

So it turns out I kind of like it and I'll be keeping it in my archives for future listening, and I'll even add a couple of tracks to my general favorites list: "Misty" and "Summertime." The latter of which was the one perfect track with no pops. "Misty" did need some editing but it was good enough that by the time I finished with it, it also sounded perfect.

"Misty," as I have mentioned before, is one of my favorite songs, regardless of artist or style. "Summertime" is also good. That is, I like it but there's something about that melody that always makes me think it came from a horror movie.

I was thinking about uploading some of these to YouTube but I discovered that it is still in print, sort of. Amazon has CD copies of it, but only as collectors items from other sellers, which usually means I consider it "out of print." However, they also have it available as an mp3 download. So here's only a portion of "Misty."

Different, but nice.

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