Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend update

Well, I've been sick. Got one of those bad head colds that started in the throat and worked its way up. I worked through it. I was supposed to be at a family reunion this weekend but decided yesterday that it was best if I stay home, recover, and more importantly, not make anyone else sick. So wife & kids are at the reunion, I'm at home taking cold medicine, drinking lots of fluids and trying to get well.

The Roku has come in quite handy, since I've been spending most of my time awake watching stuff on it, but only one movie so far. Yesterday afternoon I finally got around to watching Interview with a Vampire.

First of all, I'll just say that everything I've seen Christian Slater in (and that ain't much) has made me want to punch him. Except for The Name of the Rose. He just annoys me for some reason that I can't pin down, just like Helen Hunt.

I actually bought this book a long time ago, a year or two after it was released, but I never bothered getting around to reading it. I enjoyed the movie. It kept me occupied and I didn't ever check to see how much time was left, so that puts it well above a lot of other junk I've seen. However, I thought the ending was just a little trite. I'm getting tired of villains--vampires or otherwise--who can't be permanently killed. It was too Friday the 13th.

I liked Brad Pitt's character. I guess Antonio Banderas' character would have been okay too, if not for another of my personal biases. It's not that he annoys me. It's just every time I see him I start cracking up, thinking of you say...SNL skit (I think it was SNL) where he keeps saying, "I, Antonio Banderas" all the time. I tried to find it on YouTube but can't. So if you've ever seen it, you probably know what I mean.

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