Saturday, July 23, 2011

From The Cutlernomicon

The prosaic and unimaginative told me such a thing could not exist--when they dared even to speak of it at all. Indeed, there were those who shuddered and averted their gaze when I dared even to hint at such a thing. Still, I refused to be denied, searching for clues where most others seldom ventured to tread.

Now they look at me askance, speaking together in hushed whispers of one such as I who dared the unimaginable; one who has laughed in the face of the maddened universe; one who now possesses...the foon!!!


  1. You could get a Spork at KFC with a purchase of some mashed potatoes.

  2. But does it come in titanium? ;)

  3. I hope so. This one is made of such flimsy plastic that I've always been afraid to use it.