Thursday, July 28, 2011

Metal metal

This was amusing.

Yesterday I loaded up my phone with a bunch of newer mp3s so I could play them as I was working. So I was going along and came to a house where a 20-something guy was doing some yard work. He paused as I read his meter, then he said, "Man, that's metal metal, isn't it? Not just rock metal."

Unfortunately my phone only displays the track title and not the artist, unless I go through the whole list and look it up. I couldn't remember who did the song by just looking at the title, so I took a shot and said, "Yeah, it's a group from Finland or France or somewhere. It's like a combination of doom metal and death metal, but they sing instead of just doing the cookie monster vocals."

"," he said, and went back to his work.

I gotta remember that: metal metal, not just rock metal.

However, later on it came to me who the group was, and I was mistaken. It was Woods of Ypres, who are from Canada. And here's the song that was playing.

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  1. That sounds pretty good. I'll have to remember them the next time I'm song shopping.