Wednesday, July 13, 2011

UVERworld - "D-technolife" (Bleach opening theme #2)

It's fitting that I mention several Bleach themes in this series, simply because the show has been on for a long time and has a lot of different themes.  Also because, and this is just my opinion, it has had a lot of really good songs for the theme music.  Although I don't really aim to discuss the stories in the show in these posts about the music, I will mention a little here.  The English release DVDs don't have the theme music subtitled, so there's no way for a non-Japanese speaker such as myself to understand what the lyrics are about.  The lyrics to this song are very fitting for the story at this point.  One of the main characters, a Soul Reaper named Rukia, has meekly submitted to allowing herself to be executed because she killed another Soul Reaper.  She has resigned herself to death and is simply waiting in a cell for the sentence to be carried out while the other main characters, led by Ichigo, are trying to rescue her.

And so, the opening theme...

UVERworld are a another extremely popular Japanese band of five members on vocals, bass, drums and two guitars.  "D-technolife" was a 2005 release that went to #4 on the Japanese charts.  Following is the full version of the song with English subtitles.

And here is another video I found of the band performing the song live.

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