Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekend update

I had already decided earlier this week that today I was going to change the oil in my truck and then not step outside for anything for the rest of the day. And that's exactly how my day has gone. They were predicting a high of 106 today. I don't think it got quite that high, but it was hot enough. We still have a few weeks (I hope it's only a few weeks) before the temperature starts slacking off to more tolerable levels for outside work.

I'm now up to Rush in my playlist. I was able to skip through several of the older albums because I've listened to them so much that I already knew which songs I wanted to add, but their later ones require another listen. Right now I'm on Hold Your Fire and I have about 7 hours of music to go through to finish them.

After I streamed that whole album by Lizban (mentioned in the previous post)--which I really liked, I should add--I looked up a bunch of stuff on YouTube by one of my secret guilty musical pleasures and indulged myself. I might identify who it is later but for now I'll just say it's a female who got famous only within the last ten years, and she's not one of the Disney drones.

Also while poking around on YouTube, I ran across "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia." Now, I remember hearing this song a lot back when it was released. They played it on KKYX, which was about the only station my parents listened to back then. But the thing is, I did not know, and was completely surprised to discover, that it was sung by Vicki Lawrence. The Vicki Lawrence. It just seems kind of strange to me. I still think it's a cool song. Also, yes I saw that it was later covered by R3b@ but that just doesn't interest me.

So a while back I saw that Ralph Bakshi's Fire and Ice was available for streaming from Netflix. Well, it isn't. I looked it up, and saw that it was available, so I added it to my queue, but every time I've tried to play it, it just tells me "content not available." So I'm still waiting. The DVD is also allegedly available, and I have it in my DVD queue but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. I think that was my favorite Bakshi movie. I've also seen Fritz the Cat, Heavy Traffic, Wizards and The Lord of the Rings. Oh yeah, and the new version of Mighty Mouse (TV series, not movie) that he did in the 80s. That one is also in my DVD queue.


  1. Do you recall the Bakshi movie "Streetfight"? It was originally released as "Coonskin". It is a VERY politically incorrect take on the Brer Rabbit characters, wherein they are black gangsters. I was pretty obsessed with it about the time we were roommates so I thought you might have seen it. It is pretty outrageous, but has some of Bakshi's best stuff in it. "Fire and Ice", of course is a total blast, and the DVD that was released not long ago included a great documentary on Frank Frazetta.

  2. Oh yeah, I've seen "Streetfight" too. I had forgotten about that one.