Sunday, October 23, 2011

Another stolen metal item: the manhole cover

In my nightmares, and possibly in some future story, this is where vampires hide out during the day when they get caught too far from shelter.

This is an open storm drain--because someone stole the manhole cover.  I saw two of these in one day last week.  You can expect to see this more and more in the coming years because the more easily stolen meter box lids won't be around to steal anymore.


  1. A sad comment on people, especially when you compare that with these.

  2. I know water meters need access, but a touch of the arc welding stick might let those manhole covers stay where they belong.

    ...Of course, then thieves would need to spend time grinding them away, and maybe someone would call the PD and say "look for the sparks."

  3. I just don't understand it. How hard would it be for undercover officers to hit every salvage yard in SA. The Cop attempts to sell a manhole cover. Those places that accept the obviously stolen property are then told to either cooperate in nabbing other thieves or they are charged with something and more importantly shown all over the news.

    This tactic would work on CSI-Miami; not sure how it would go in SAT.

  4. I think that the biggest reason this won't happen is they just don't give a rat's ass, and they won't until they start being stolen from downtown or some posh areas, or someone gets killed because of a missing cover and the city gets the crap sued out of it.

    (Or someone posh gets killed because of a stolen lid in downtown--now THAT would have the city bigwigs scrambling!)