Friday, October 28, 2011

Insert evil laughter here

Click to enlarge.  Well, I was one of the drones who filled out this survey, and believe me, I was not instrumental in having your w4t3r company selected as a top place to work.  I didn't say anything really bad about it, but I didn't say anything very good, either.

Anyhow, I already had my two original floating holidays scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, so I just scheduled the new one for Wednesday.  So I have a long 5-day weekend coming up, followed by a super-short 2-day work week.

And even though I've been telling them for months that they need to let me train more people on certain cycle 5 & 6 routes, they haven't.  Which means when that 6 comes up next week, it's going to be a major clusterf*** because guess who's the only person there who knows the route.

I was snickering sardonically about it all day today.

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