Friday, October 07, 2011

More work and stuff

Got drizzled on for a few hours this morning, then the sun came out and it became miserably steamy and humid.

Customer Service Week is over and done with for another year, thank G-d. What a stupid, pointless, insulting waste of time. I did get a free meal out of it, but I had to take it to go, which from what I saw and heard is what everyone did because they worked us so hard no one wanted to stay around and "relax."

I also saw and heard that one of the main organizers was pretty p.o.ed that we didn't all sit down together and have a meal like one big happy family. Apparently she thought we should have all stopped working at noon, come in to eat, then gone back out and finished afterwards. Only a true fat-assed office worker could think like that. So I'm glad she was unhappy. I wish they'd discontinue this b.s. tradition and leave us all the h*** alone.

One of my surprise "treats" was to find they'd snuck a Coke Zero into my truck overnight. A freakin' Coke Zero. WTH? Not only that, but it was only a 7.5 ounce can. A) I don't like Coke. B) I don't like diet drinks. C) 7.5 oz is barely enough for me to even notice I've swallowed something. Also, that stuff doesn't have caffeine, right? Why would I even bother drinking a soft drink with no caffeine in it?

And now I have jury duty coming up. This is the first time I've been summoned in about 20 years. Before that, I received 3 summons' within about 18 months, and one thing or another happened so I didn't get on the jury.

1st time: The guy who was going to trial opted to be tried before the judge only and forego the jury.

2nd time: I was in school and they let me go because of that.

3rd time: I got the summons, then about a week later got a follow-up de-summons, that is, a letter from the judge saying my services were no longer requested. All three of these were during 1990-91, or maybe 91-92, I'm not sure.

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  1. I have a summons as well, oddly enough. I've only been called one other time, but I happened to be living in Virginia at the time, so the trip was a bit much. I need to double-check the date so I don't miss it.