Thursday, December 08, 2011

Claymore opening theme: Raison d'ê·tre by Nightmare

Claymore is an anime series about incredibly hot woman/monster hybrids who go around killing human-eating monsters with very large swords.  It's is particularly about a single woman/monster hybrid named Clare who's on a quest for vengeance against an especially powerful monster that killed a friend of hers.  That's all you really need to know about it.  Sure, there are many more details to fill out the story, but that should be enough to get you interested.  If not, then fine.  The opening theme is another hard guitar-driven piece by the band Nightmare.  Here's a "clean" opening (all credits removed).  Note:  I can't get this video to finish on my computer, it stops just before the end.  I had to download it to be able to view the whole thing, but you should still get the idea.

I believe this falls into the "seinen" category of anime, that is, oriented more toward adults and older adolescents, without the comical facial expressions often used in shonen anime such as Bleach and Trigun.

The full version has an intriguing video. An English translation follows (found here).

Ahh traversing over many nights
Frozen dreams and fading tears
Warm me, warm me, wrap me

Once, I had forgotten everything, however
I hate this body that cannot love anymore

No matter how far I walk, I cannot see the end
Dragging along memories of the past
I wonder what color this body will be tainted by
I search for that answer

I can no longer return to those days free of bloodshed
These deep scars rooted within me will not disappear
Hide it, hide it, hide me

With these marred hands extended towards a discarded star
Alone, once again alone, I must return it to the sky

Even though I'm weak and miserable, I'm alone, just like that time
I am unable to signal here with my short breath
That's why I will always see a dream of tomorrow
While counting my caged fingers

It's alright to stay the same, without knowing the meaning of living
One day, I will do what I can to obtain those days of laughter

On that day, your words alone
Made my decision to become stronger
"No matter how much you change, you're fine the way you are now"

Now, because you're here, my heart has returned
I leave to walk ahead, only to be lost
Even though I cannot see the end, I think it's alright
I will leave on a journey at range, it's alright if I don't know the answer

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