Friday, December 16, 2011

The customer is always stupid

I was in a neighborhood off Woodlake Parkway today and, just to be clear, it rained quite a lot yesterday.  I got to one point where there was a big puddle in the street, and some guy standing in his yard looking fierce with his arms crossed.  He approached me and demanded:

"Who do I call about this?"  And his arm swept sideways to indicate the street.

"You mean the water?"  I asked.


...(pause)..."It's rain water."

[Honestly, I know sometimes my answers sound dumb, but it's only because I'm so often stunned by preposterous questions.  What I really meant by that was, "gravity dictates that water in the atmosphere is drawn to the earth; gravity further dictates that water on the earth is drawn to the lowest available elevation--once there, when it can't get any lower, it pools."]

"I know it's rain water, but it's just standing there!"

"I don't know," I said.  "Public Works, I guess."  And I went on my way.

I can just imagine the laughter at the City of S.A. when he calls them up and demands they rebuild an entire street just so water won't puddle in front of his house.

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