Friday, December 02, 2011

A few anime notes

Several months ago, Netflix lost streaming rights to a bunch of anime shows that were all distributed by a certain American distributor.  There were only two affected shows that I had in my queue, and I had never watched one of them, but the other was a favorite of mine and I noticed when it suddenly disappeared--we had just watched the first episode so my son could see it because I knew he'd like it.

Apparently the streaming rights have been reestablished because when I got home today, the shows were back in my queue.  So...Netflix now has Trigun again.

In other anime news, I read that someone is making a live-action Akira.  I got into the anime thing late, so I've never seen Akira.  For such a legendary movie, it sure is hard to find.

I've caught up on Bleach lately, watching the subtitled versions on Crunchyroll.  Finished up on episode #349 (which is about 100 episodes in the future of what they're currently airing on Adult Swim) and now I'll just wait a couple of months until they add more episodes.

I kind of wish Netflix would have Tokko on their streaming service.  I'd like to see the versions that were not butchered for broadcast on Sci-Fi.  They do have it on DVD.  I might get the discs sometime when I don't have anything else I'd rather see.

Other than Bleach, I've lately been watching Claymore and GunXSword, both via Netflix.  Claymore is a sort of human/monster hybrids going around killing demonic monsters with swords story (as is, by the way, Tokko).  GunXSword is, I guess, technically mecha (hardy har har--technically mecha?  get it?) which usually doesn't interest me, but in this one the human stories take greater precedence over the giant robot fights, so it's worth it.

Here's Bleach opening #15, which is the opening for the current series I've been watching. Sounds like a cool song, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find a full version of it yet. For some reason, every video of this one on YouTube is reversed. This opening shows all of Ichigo's family (his father and his two sisters--their mother died about 10 years before the series begins) followed by his high school friends, then follows that with a new group of humans-with-special-powers who he encounters.  The song is by Scandal, a Japanese all-woman band.

I did just notice that one of Ichigo's friends--Sado (Chad)--is conspicuously absent from his other friends.  However, he does appear briefly later on.

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