Sunday, February 26, 2012

Worf, the punching bag

Of course, there was a good reason for this.  As a Klingon, he could take punishment that would kill a human.  So every time they went up against someone with superhuman strength, Worf had to be the one to get beaten up because it would have killed any other of the major cast members (excepting Data/Lore), and ST:TNG pretty much avoided the "red shirt" cliché that so afflicted TOS.*

I didn't mean to have two Worf posts so close together.  It just happened that way.

*I watched that Star Trek reboot recently, expecting to hate it, but I didn't.  I found it entertaining enough that I didn't consider it a waste of time, even though it leaned heavily toward the pastiche.  But the one "red shirt" scene really cracked me up.  As soon as I saw that guy, I told my wife, "He's dead."  "What do you mean?" she said.  "Just wait for it," I said.

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  1. I liked that Star Trek movie, too. It was a lot of fun if you didn't expect too much from it. And though I hated the time travel plot line (it's such an old device in the Star Trek canon that I seriously wonder why they never taught it as a practical course in the Academy), I thought the rest of the story was put together pretty well with just enough nods to the original series to please hardcore fans without going overboard and alienating everyone else.

    I'd watch a sequel if they made one.