Thursday, March 29, 2012

A good day and the flashlight I smashed

My son got his Arrow of Light and crossed over tonight, making him officially a Boy Scout.  One bonus is that now our meetings will be on Tuesday night, to coincide with Girl Scouts, which means I don't have to go back into town at night twice during the week anymore.  Woo hoo!

Also my GPS receiver came today.  I was hoping to fire it up and play with it a little, but I don't have any spare batteries for it.  I have a couple of batteries in my work truck from when I smashed my flashlight the other day, so I can mess around with it tomorrow.

Now, about that flashlight.  It was one of these.  I saw it at Wal-Mart and thought I'd give it a try because it has a pocket clip.  As you may understand, I often need a flashlight in my job.  I already have one small light (a Coleman) but it doesn't have a clip and I have to stick it in my pants pocket.  P.S. Those flimsy canvas belt sheathes they make for these lights do not hold up to extended usage--the light itself will by far outlast its sheath--with the exception of this Black & Decker, because I smashed it.

I've posted a review of it at Amazon and you can read it once they approve it.  The problem was, the light wouldn't stay on when held in anything approaching a vertical position--which is exactly how I have to hold it to read meters.  I tried stretching the contact spring on the inside to improve the electrical connection but it would help for only a few minutes.  I finally got so p*ss*d at it that I destroyed it by hurling it violently at the street several times.  Then I noticed the batteries rolling away so I stopped long enough to pick them up and pocket them, then continued smashing the flashlight until I got bored with it.

So if you run across one of these somewhere, don't buy it, unless you plan on aiming it only at things that are on the same level as yourself all the time.


  1. When I was working in a shop, I carried a small Maglight in a belt sheathe for several years, using it several times a day. Never had a problem with it, and still have the flashlight and the sheathe.

    1. The problem with Maglights is the twist switch. I greatly prefer an end-cap push switch because it can be used one-handed. I did settle for a new Maglight today and I'm going to try and find a conversion end cap for it. I had a Maglight before but the twist switch wore out.