Sunday, May 13, 2012

Another song from my childhood

Okay, I can tell you why I remembered this one. I don't remember how it started, but I saw a picture of the group of Greasers from The Outsiders and couldn't identify them all, so I looked it up on (the one I couldn't ID was Rob Lowe).  I saw in the credits that Gailard Sartain had been in it, so I looked him up to see what all of his acting credits were.  Then I hopped over to Wikipedia and looked up Hee Haw, which led me to this song.

For some reason I was always fascinated by that guy playing the snare drum.  My favorite Hee Haw girl was the one in the black dress with the long black hair.  What was her name?  I wonder who that skinny woman with the big glasses was.  I don't remember her.


  1. Misty was always my favorite Hee Haw Honey. I remember hearing that the goofy "That's all!" blonde girl was from McQueeney.

  2. The dark haired woman was Lisa Todd.
    The girl with the glasses looks a lot like Irlene Mandrell, who was on there for a while.

    1. Okay. I remember Irlene from the Mandrell Sisters Show, but she didn't wear glasses on there. Maybe that's why I didn't recognize her.