Monday, May 21, 2012

Lantana close-up


Lantana in my "front yard," if you can call it that.  Today's camera practice.  In the area where I live, which is known as "the sandhills" because of the extremely sandy soil, lantana does not grow wild.  Our property was briefly owned by someone else before we bought it, and although whoever it was never put a house on it, he did install a water meter and a septic tank before putting it back up for sale.  I think he must have planted this lantana bush too, because it's the only one I've seen growing anywhere around here.

We meter readers usually refer to this as !@#$%^& lantana because of the way it likes to swarm over water meters.  I've also seen a lightly bluish-purple variety growing in yards and flower beds around S.A., and I would actually like to get some of that because the color is much more agreeable to me than orange and yellow.

I adjusted the contrast on this because the intense sunlight here tends to bleach the colors out.  I also scaled it down to 1024x768 because I didn't think a big 3000+ pixel graphic was really necessary.

By the way, I was going to only buy a 4 gig card for this camera, but they had a 16 gig card on sale for only $5 more, so I got it instead.  Even at the high-res setting, that 16 gig card will hold well over 7,000 pictures.  Holy cow.

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