Saturday, May 12, 2012

New camera and some sample pix

I have been almost desperate for a decent digital camera for some time now, and have been doing a lot of research and deciding how much I could afford to spend. Today I got a Canon Powershot SX150 at Best Buy. The price had been marked down to $149. This is only a wild guess, but I think the price reduction on this one must be because it's about to be replaced by a newer model. Original price for it was $249.

I still have a lot to learn about using it--by the way it's definitely not a DSLR, but it's somewhat more sophisticated than a basic point & shoot. Anyway, you can expect there to be a lot of gratuitous amateur photography here in the future.

 I think this guy is a Texas Spotted Whiptail lizard.  I just got lucky and spooked him into some leaves as I was walking down the driveway.  I took several pix of him, and in this one I caught him with his eyes closed.  Blinking?  The way this camera works in auto mode is it uses optical zoom until the optical zoom is at its maximum, and if you keep zooming from there it switches to digital zoom.  I try to stay away from digital zoom but this one still looks pretty good even with some digital zoom involved.

 Indian Blanket.  This one and the one below I cropped for a better aspect.

Black-Eyed Susan.


This is my favorite for today.  By the way, anyone want a puppy?  We have three, all male, two black and one brown.

I'm really happy how sharp these turned out.


  1. Good pic of the lizard, I would've guessed it a skink of some type. Cute pup too, but I'm still at capacity.