Monday, May 07, 2012


Click.  Design your own settings if you want.  This map is based on a ground zero of the Tower of Americas, with a bomb the power of the first U.S. h-bomb.  Try the presets and see just how piddling the Nagasaki bomb was compared to what's possible now.

A good improvised terrorist bomb would utterly destroy downtown.  And that's no exaggeration.


  1. Tsar Bomba was staggering. Setting it off over San Antonio would have caused third-degree skin burns on Canyon Lake water skiers.

    Think about that.

    And think about the notion that San Antonio was a tasty target for the Soviets during the Cold War. I learned all about that when I was a kid. You know, back when we would have "bomb" drills along with the fire drills in middle school.

    It was a strange time to grow up in.

  2. I've seen the bomb drills on newsreels, but I'm not old enough to have been through that.

  3. And I thought I used to be scared of nukes when in grammar school when we had air raids alerts and had to cover and hide under our desks or go to the basement of the next building! This is scary, the largest bomb, going off in NYC, would kill almost everyone over 50 miles away! That is scary considering the nuts we face now.