Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another found knife

Here's another knife that I found just today, and it looks like it should be a decent knife once I get it cleaned up.

This is the Buck Juno, which lists for only $12 on their website, so it isn't one of their high-end knives.  However, it seems to be solidly put together and once that blade locks in place, there is absolutely no wobble.  It feels fixed, that's how solid the lock is.  Unfortunately it was left lying in the street for the last couple of days during all the rain, so it got some rust on it.  I was doing a driving route today (in our parlance, a "motor") so I had all my stuff with me in my truck.  The first thing I did was wipe it down with a heavy-duty paper towel, then I hosed it down thoroughly with WD-40, wiped it all off again, then gave it another good WD-40 dousing, then wrapped it up in the paper towel so I wouldn't get drippage all over the inside of my truck and brought it home.

I picked up some steel wool at H.E.B. on the way home and once I get it cleaned up good I'll post some new pix.

One thing that I immediately noticed about this knife, as you can see, is that it looks exactly the same on both sides.  This is a truly ambidextrous pocket knife, which gives it several bonus points on my own personal scale of knife grading.


  1. Buck's are good knives, even the cheaper ones. If you can get that rust off, you should have a pretty good tool-box knife.

  2. Cool beans, one of the best knives I've got, I found in a ditch while walking my dog, many years ago. It's a Spyderco Delica, and served me very well.