Monday, August 20, 2012

More meter weirdness

Today on my regular cycle 17, which covers a huge swath of ground roughly bordered by E. Southcross, S. Presa, S.E. Military, Roosevelt and Mission Road, I had a new meter-- a niner, which term I've explained before.  It had the address of 1130 E. Southcross, which to the best of my guesses, should have been somewhere right about where that blue dot is on the map below.

There is a new access point for the Riverwalk extension right about there, and I've had several new meters in the past months because of this new Riverwalk construction, so I figured I had found the right spot.  I got out (this is an all-motor route--which means I was driving the whole time) and walked around and saw no fresh water facilities that would require a new meter.  This one has no water fountains or restrooms like some of them do, only purple-lidded irrigation control boxes here and there.  Purple means recycled water.  Which reminds me of another question I've been wondering about:  where in the heck are the recycled water meters that supply all this irrigation?  I have no idea.  Anyway, I couldn't find a meter here so I called in for tap measurements, and for extra help, I also asked for the customer name.

The customer was the San Antonio River Authority, so I figured that it had to be something to do with the Riverwalk extension.  The tap measurement, however, added a new twist.  The description I got was, "between VFW Blvd. and Aquarius next to the San Antonio River."

Right about here I uttered a quiet WTF?

So I drove back around to VFW Blvd., which I thought I had already finished with, and after a couple of passes discovered a new meter right about where that red dot is.

So I checked the meter number and, sure enough, it was the meter I was looking for.  Tapped at the corner of VFW and Mission Parkway, quite a long way away from E. Southcross.  My WTF? still stands.

This route has always had strange things going on with it.  I could probably start a whole blog just about this route.  That's how bad it is.  Maybe sometime I'll tell the story about the new meters at what they eventually decided should be 623 E. Bonner.

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