Wednesday, March 20, 2013

This was certainly strange

It's not unusual for me to see vacant houses with numerous newspaper lying in the yard--the resident apparently having neglected to cancel his subscription when he moved out.  Or died, maybe?  Anyway, I came across this one this morning.

Unfortunately, since as usual I don't want to be looking like I'm up to something in case someone is watching me (people tend to call in complaints if they see one of us pausing for a breath or taking a break), I didn't dig into it to see what the issue date was.

But it was quite strange to find this seemingly fresh copy of the San Antonio Light lying in someone's yard, looking like it had just been delivered that morning, when the Light was shut down 20 years ago.

Photo taken this morning on the east side, in the general area of where Houston and Commerce intersect.



  1. That is bizarre! I guess this is somewhat telling about how long it takes for little plastic bags to break down at the landfill. It doesn't even look faded.

    Or perhaps someone is playing a prank and they knew you would be on this route.

  2. Update: One of my FB friends said that it is being published again, but he couldn't give me any more info than that. Everything I Google about it is in the past tense.