Monday, June 17, 2013

A song, illustrated

A song that I've liked for a long time popped into my head today for no particular reason--or for a reason that I was not conscious of.  So of course I looked it up and strummed through it a few times while singing as is my wont these days.

While looking these towns up to see where they actually are, I discovered that there is also a Tonopah in Nevada.  But since I've actually driven almost that exact route in the bottom map before, I decided to use the one in Arizona.  I must've driven through Tonopah, AZ quite a few times without noticing it.  I probably just thought it was part of Phoenix.  I must've driven through Tucumcari a few times, too.

And Winslow.  Made a lot of drop & grabs in Winslow.  But that's a different song.

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