Sunday, March 27, 2005

Block this!

A great comment over at Resistance is futile!:

"Typical liberal moonbat pap; they'd rather be 'aware' of a problem than actually do anything about it. People are starving? Let's record a pop album! That's much better than overthrowing the fascist regimes that control the food supply and allow millions to starve! People are dying of AIDS? Let's all wear ribbons! That will stop the problem faster than teaching people to be responsible about sex. So what to do about FoxNews? Let's sell a redundant device that no one needs to raise awareness, rather than encourage CNN and the other FoxNews competiors to improve their quality, thereby lowering the people's demand for 'Fair and Balanced' programming. Yes siree, Bob, that will do it!"

Read the whole thing. Just once I'd like to somehow understand why liberals think the way they do, like this guy with his channel blocker. I find it especially dumbfounding because any cable service there is allows selective lockout of any channels you wish for no extra charge. Oh, I get it. He's not really a liberal, he's just a plain ol' capitalist, out to make a buck. Now I understand.

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