Monday, May 09, 2005

Massachusetts man loses concealed carry license because of his zipper

Sticking to their guns is an article from the Daily News about Joseph Landers, who had his license revoked because his coat blew open, momentarily revealing his legally carried firearm.
Landers' coat was not entirely zipped up that day, and when the wind blew it open, a Dedham Police officer across the street zoomed in and noticed the gun. Upon request by the officer, Landers produced a valid five-year license issued in 1995 to carry the gun. But the problem was, state law required that he keep the weapon concealed.

While the officer let Landers go without an arrest, the Adams Street resident soon after received notice from Dedham Police Chief Dennis Teehan that his Class A license to carry firearms had been revoked due to the incident.
"I have always erred on the side of caution when issuing a license to carry firearms," Teehan said in a 2001 letter reaffirming his denial. "For this reason, I find it necessary to deny your request for a license to carry."
What is to err here? His coat blew open. He has no criminal record. He had followed all the rules. There was no arrest. This is just arbitrarily jumping on this poor guy by an obviously anti-self-defense chief of police. But then, it's Massachusetts, so I guess he should be glad he's not in jail just for possessing a firearm at all.

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