Monday, May 09, 2005

More on the service Ruger

I mentioned before about the 5,000 units of the Ruger P95 being ordered by the U.S. Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command of Rock Island, IL. There's another brief mention of this in the June 2005 issue of Guns & Ammo. It mentions that each pistol is shipped with 10-round magazines. What the...? Why aren't they being issued the standard 15-rounders, I mean, they're in the military. (Yes, for this model of pistol 15 rounds is standard capacity. Ten-round magazines are low capacity. Anything that makes the magazine stick out past the butt of the grips is high capacity, if you feel that you still need that category for any useful purpose). Another funny thing in this article is that they are still shipped in the regular Ruger plastic box, just like for civilians, complete with the "safety" locks. Of course, the soldiers have no use for the locks, so they have become quite popular as bicycle locks among some Iraqis. Unfortunately, all the locks use the same key.

I still say that if they were going to give them Rugers, they should've gone for the P97 or the newer P345.


  1. Go here if you believe in the Bill of Rights.

  2. The P95 is a great gun, I've owned mine for years... since they were selling for $250 US once upon a time. Remember the P95 hit the market after the high cap ban, so they were always sold with 10 round magazines. Fortunately you could pick up 15 round mags for the P-89 on down, so long as they were 9mm. The P-95 will even accept magazines from the Ruger PC9 carbine with very little adjustment. I myself have 20 round, 25 round, and 30 round magazines for my Ruger P-95. I've shot thousands of rounds through my gun with all kinds of aftermarket mags and never had a single jam... EVER. I don't use the big ones much, they're pretty heavy fully loaded and I don't want to save my magazine latch springs. My only complaint would be the long trigger pull in double action and the bulk of the gun- but it will literally take any kind of ammo. I shoot +P+ for target practice and the springs are still like new.