Saturday, June 04, 2005

"One Gun Per Month"

Sure, I'll limit myself to buying one gun per month, if you'll limit your right to be an annoying little twerp free speech to once per month.

Jeff has a much better and less sarcastic response at Alphecca.

(I wish I could afford to buy a new gun every month).

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  1. Howdy! Just visiting from Wadcutter! My friend and I informally gave ourselves membership to the Gun of the Month Club back in the mid-80s. We were both single NCOs stationed in West Texas, with frequent gunshows and well-stocked gun stores. The chain grocery store down the block even had a gun and ammo section (where I added a Taurus 9-mm to the small collection I'd brought with me). We both collected some "museum pieces," some plinking guns, and some serious defensive/offensive hardware. Later on, he got married, so I had to continue the Club solo. I haven't maintained that buying pace since, and I've let a few of those guns go over the years, but I have several around from my time in the Gun of the Month Club.