Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Senators want to restore right of self-defense to citizens of D.C.

Sorry, that's my headline. The actual article is here: Re-arming DC: Senators want to pack heat in capital. I will point you to one paragraph which shows this writer knows very little, if anything at all:
The bill would, in one swoop, negate all the gun laws the district has adopted over the past 30 years, including pre-purchase criminal-background checks and bans on semi-automatic weapons and cop-killer bullets. If it passes the Senate, it is expected to breeze through the House, which passed a similar bill last September.
That's right folks, it would remove the instant check for residents of D.C., which everyone else in the country is subject to! Now that's some law. It would put D.C. ahead of every state in the union, if it were true. Not to mention that it would remove a ban on a form of ammunition that doesn't actually exist. And...
"One would hope that the Congress would have better things to worry about than flooding the nation's capital with guns," says Sean Tenner, chairman of DC for Democracy, which lobbies for DC-statehood rights. "But I've been wrong before."
Apparently, having D.C. flooded with illegal guns is just fine. It's just the legal guns that are the problem.

Lots more there to get your blood boiling, if you're in the mood.

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